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Our Products


We are the leading building materials supplier and the ONLY ISO certified supplier for trading and processed timbers (ISO 9001:2000). If you ever need building materials within the shortest time possible – come to Tong Lee! Our professional family will always put in extra effort to ensure that you receive your order within the shortest time possible, and items of quality of course.


Timber is considered one of the most sustainable and environmentally favorable construction materials available, due to its ability to absorb carbon dioxide while growing, its adaptability as a product and the fact that, when finished with, it can be recycled or used as a bio-fuel. Not to mention the beauty and elegance appearance of natural timber alongside its inherent durability and toughness, this is completely outstanding among all types of building materials.


Tropical plywood is made of mixed species of tropical timber, exclusively from Malaysia. Tropical plywood is better due to its density, strength, evenness of layers, and high quality standards. Plywood is easy to handle with, more durable and grant more reuses cycles, it is widely used for construction, flooring and furniture purposes.


Wooden pallet is invented for modern packaging of bulk shipping. Using wooden pallet on loading and unloading is a much lower costs options for handling and storage. Wooden Pallet is an eco-friendly item as we already know: wood is the only material that is completely renewable, reusable and recyclable.


OSBs are engineered wood panels where rectangular wood stands are arranged in cross oriented layers and binded together with resin. Our OSB raw materials are sourced from high density tropical hardwood, which give OSB the same good quality of traditional plywood. Yet because wood fiber is used more efficiently in OSB, OSB is stronger than plywood in shear. Our high performance OSB production is back up by a plywood expert R&D team with huge investment into latest cutting edge technology.